Consulting Services

In the rapidly changing world, it's hard to have the perfect strategy.  With your latest pivot do you need additional geology work done in order for your company to thrive?  Do you need assets evaluated, projects planned and executed, strategic alternatives implemented, or applications submitted?  Give us a call and we'd be happy to help you out.  

Gentle Stream

Asset Evaluation

Develop geologic models incorporating multiple data types and attributes into easy to understand visuals utilizing statistics.  Can lead virtual global teams or in person teams. Outputs are good for budget proposals, partner decisions, and more. 


Workflow includes:

  • Analyze wellbore

  • Stratigraphic correlations

  • Petrophysical models

  • Tie to vertical and horizontal production data

  • Incorporate geophysical data

  • Generated geologic maps (isochore, structure, pay, porosity, Sw, HCPV, OGIP, OOIP, facies)

  • Inventory proposals 

Formations with experience: Cardium, Dunvegan, Spirit River (Notikewin, Falher, Wilrich), Rock Creek, McMurray, Wabiskaw, Grosmont, Montney

Assets with experience: Deep Basin T30-T80 R1W5-R13W6, NEBC, and Athabasca oil sands

Rock Formations

Project Planning and Execution

Large projects can take 6 months to be drill ready, and execution timelines range from 1day-weeks depending on the drilling target.  Collaboration with multidisciplinary teams is key to success.

Previous projects include:

  •  Planned exploration drilling program for 1 Cardium rig, drill ready in 3 months

  • Executed real time decisions to geosteer 2 Falher horizontal wells, Q1&Q2’18 

  • Generated 3 Wapiti Falher G&H drilling locations to drill ready state

  • Planned development programs for 3 annual delineation programs (~60 wells / year), forecasted associated budgets, and completed startup AFEs and accruals

  • Executed 1 Surmont vertical delineation rig annually (~15 wells/year); and made real time decisions that increased reservoir knowledge for SAGD horizontal wells

Sand Dunes

Strategic Implementation

What is not beneficial to one company might make another company soar.   If you are considering a divestiture or acquisition we're here to assist.  

Previous projects include:

  • Collaborated with team, analyzed full cycle data, and presented technical work for M&A to executives, which included Clyden asset sale to Imperial oil $751MM

  • Identified strategic opportunities for development, partnerships, and land swaps with up to 140% ROR on proposals and presented ideas to technical committee

  • Prepared 5 divestiture packages, provided input to data rooms, and presented to potential buyers resulting in >16.5 Mboe/d being available for industry purchase

Sand Dunes


The energy industry is highly regulated, and applications to the government are necessary.  From land continuations to abandonment reports.


Previous projects include:

  • Submitted and presented well written packages to the government to receive land extensions, including a 5-year extension saving $33MM

  • Wrote and applied for continuations on expiring lands for 4 packages, including evaluation and mapping of producing zones which resulted in section 15 & 17

  • Identified porous zones for abandonment or recommended re completion candidate